Thursday, January 14, 2010

Voice Activate your life

There are tons of uses for voice activation in your home. I know I've always wanted to be able to wake up and just voice the words "lights" and have my lights turn on. Well I've done the research, and fortunately there is an affordable, and user-friendly product that can do this. The "IntelaVoice 95501 Voice Operated Lamp Dimmer Switch" is the simple solution.

Device layout
Here is a picture of the voice activated unit.
The device has a microphone built into it and also has an external microphone expansion slot. On the bottom of the unit is where the user will plug in lamps or appliances. The indicator light in the center will be helpful during programing.

Programing Voice Activation
The device simply inserts to any common wall jack. The vocal commands are defaulted to "Computer High" "Computer Medium" "Computer Low" and "Computer Off." The voice activated dimmer switch also has a fun programming mode that you can program any phrase in any language as the commands.

This IntelaVoice dimmer switch is available on many websites and ranges $20.00-$30.00